Services to Pharmaceutical companies

Leaphy provides a user-friendly platform for efficient leaflet management and seamless digital transformation of e-PILs

Communicate important medicines data to healthproviders and patients.

Leaphy Pharma Services

Leaflet management platform

Leaphy® is your gateway to effective leaflet management and digital transformation, specifically tailored for e-Pil.

Our comprehensive leaflet management platform empowers you with precise e-Pil administration across all EU countries and ensures versatile access to e-Pil through multiple channels.


Our diverse Leaphy® functionalities will be available in all European languages, reflecting our commitment to making European leaflets accessible to both patients and healthcare professionals. As a pharmaceutical company, you can leverage enabled push technology to keep patients and physicians informed about medication updates.

Leaphy® diligently transforms pharmaceutical leaflets into a structured data format, optimizing their usability. Data is securely stored within an Azure database environment, offering the flexibility of daily updates to the pharmaceutical company database. We also prioritize aligning metadata standards with those required to comply with the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and ensure adherence to ISO IDMP standards.

Leaflet data via the Leaphy app

You can access all leaflet data via  the Leaphy app or an API

This data can also be transmitted through an API to the company database environment or website.

Communicate leaflet data.

Leaphy® extends a user-friendly interface to patients and healthcare providers, offering easily digestible public leaflet information (PIL). Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies can supplement leaflets with additional digital content such as videos or audio, enhancing the overall patient experience.