Leaphy® provides an innovative, free app for both patients and healthcare providers. Our platform is designed to enhance medication information and promote medication compliance.

Leaphy,a medical-pharmaceutical information and data intelligence company, provides a user-friendly platform for efficient leaflet management and seamless digital transformation of e-PILs (electronic leaflets).

Our app enables you to effortlessly access all leaflets by scanning the barcode or 2D matrix code on the package.


The Leaphy leaflet management platform offers comprehensive e-PIL management for all EU countries and provides access to e-PILs through various channels.

Leaphy® grants patients and healthcare providers convenient access to public information leaflets (PIL) in a structured and reader-friendly format, along with other pertinent information regarding their medication. Currently in its pilot phase, Leaphy® already contains the majority of leaflets for medicines licensed and distributed in Belgium for human use. In the near future, Leaphy® will expand its reach to encompass all European leaflets, available in various national languages, ensuring widespread accessibility for patients across Europe.

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