Services to patients

Source of leaflet information

Readable, accessable and updatet leaflet information

Leaphy Patient Services

Leaphy® the source of information

Leaphy® provides patients with convenient access to medicin leaflet (PIL) information presented in an easily readable format, alongside other valuable insights related to their medication intake. Through our systematic enhancement of leaflet structures, sourced from pharmaceutical companies and governmental organizations, we ensure improved readability and content accuracy.

Moreover, pharmaceutical companies have the opportunity to enhance patient support by incorporating supplementary digital resources like videos or audio content to facilitate better medication usage. With the simple action of scanning the barcode or Data Matrix on a medicinal product, you can instantly access comprehensive leaflet information.

Leaflet data via the Leaphy app

  • You can download the Leaphy® app  from the appstore (Android and Apple)
  • Value beyond the public leaflet: features to facilitate patient-centred healthcare

Home pharmacy management

The Leaphy app offers patients the capability to manage their home pharmacy efficiently. In addition to leaflet information, the app also displays expiration dates and production details accessible through the GTIN code.

Pharmacy information

Leaphy will deliver crucial information about the patient's pharmacy through enabled push technology.

Pharma company information

In addition to the leaflet content, patients can access essential information from the pharmaceutical industry regarding their medication through the use of enabled push technology.

Price and reimbursement information

Leaphy provides updated price and reimbursement data.