Leaphy® empowers patients and healthcare providers with structured and user-friendly access to public information leaflets (PILs). Currently in its pilot phase, Leaphy® hosts the majority of leaflets for medicines licensed and commercialized in Belgium for human use. Soon, it will encompass all European leaflets, available in various national languages, for widespread use by patients across Europe.

Upon downloading and logging into the Leaphy® app, patients gain access to a variety of useful tools and features.

Leaphy® is committed to expanding its services and benefits for patients, incorporating additional data related to their medications, insights from their pharmacists, and enhancements in medication compliance.

Leaphy® plays a pivotal role in transforming pharmaceutical company leaflets into structured data formats, ensuring optimal usability and functionality. This service is particularly valuable to pharmaceutical companies aiming to provide e-leaflets and other resources to patients throughout Europe, addressing concerns about readability, accessibility, and the accuracy of medication information.

Leaphy strongly recommends consulting your doctor or pharmacist before using any medication.