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Source of Pil leaflet information

Easily accessible, regularly updated, and well-structured leaflet data at your fingertips.

Leaphy physicians Services

Access to the leaflet information

As a healthcare provider, you have access to the latest updated medication leaflet information.

These leaflets are presented in a structured data format, enabling you to review them intelligently by chapter and easily search through their content. Additionally, our advanced search engine allows you to look up specific leaflets by name or indication. These leaflets are enriched with recent images, ATC5 classification data, pricing and reimbursement information, and other valuable insights.

It’s important to note that your registration on the Leaphy app is completely free.

Leaflet data the Leaphy app

  • You can download the Leaphy® app free of charge from the appstore ( Android and Apple)
  • Value beyond the pill: features to facilitate patient-centred healthcare

Medicin information update

Healthcare providers can take advantage of medication information updates made available by the pharmaceutical industry through the use of push technology.