Discover your public leaflet effortlessly with the Leaphy app. Quickly access it by scanning the barcode or 2D matrix code on the medicine package, instantly retrieving the updated and easily readable leaflet at your fingertips. 

Download the Leaphy app in the Google Play or Apple store.

The Leaphy app guidelines. Klick here

App functions: Comprehensive access:

  • Gain access to detailed information on all Belgian medicines, including e-leaflets featuring GTin data, pricing, and reimbursement details.
  • Seamless Identification: Utilize 2D matrix or barcode scanning directly on the package to instantly access the corresponding e-leaflet.
  • Personalized Libraries: Curate personalized libraries for your medicines, each capable of accommodating up to 20 entries. Customize these libraries to suit your specific needs and preferences.
  • Rich Supplementary Content: Stay informed with essential supplementary information, such as images with links, or videos, provided by pharmaceutical companies for crucial additional insights.
  • Visual References: Visualize medicines through package images for easy identification and reference.
  • The lanuage of the leaflet follows the language settings of the smartphone. If not German, French or Dutch the default language is French. (Today only the Belgian leaflets are available)

Future Developments:

  • Anticipate upcoming features, including access to EU e-leaflets with language and country options,
  • Important announcements from pharmacists or pharmaceutical companies.
  • Tools for medication compliance monitoring. Medication Management: Monitor medication intake with precision through compliance tracking and configurable alarm settings.
  • Receive alerts for expiring medicines and low stock levels, facilitating efficient stock management.
  • Enhanced Safety: Ensure medication safety with secure reporting mechanisms for adverse effects directly to the respective pharmaceutical companies.
  • Intelligent Integration: Seamlessly integrate AI technology, such as ChatGPT, within e-leaflets to provide clear explanations of medical terminology and concepts, enhancing user understanding and engagement.

This brief film demonstrates the seamless functionality of the Leaphy app in effortlessly retrieving your medication leaflet.